SPLASH! Sight Word Fun

Thought I would share a fun little freebie.  "SPLASH" is a super easy to play sight word game that can be played with your kiddos.  All you do is shuffle the cards and place face down in a pile. Students pull one card and read the sight word.  If read correctly they keep the card.  If they pull a SPLASH card they lose all of their cards.  Play continues until the stack is gone.  Whoever has the most sight word cards when all cards have been pulled wins.  Click here for your set of "SPLASH."

Building and Reading CVC Words

It's been a dandy ole' week out in the Reading Lab. My kinder kiddos are really getting pretty fluent at reading books that are heavily based upon sight words.  It was time to really get to work on decoding CVC words.  We have been using the -an Word Family Fun Packet to build and read those CVC words.  I am always looking for different ways for students to build fluency and this bundle had multiple activities that allowed students to practice.  We followed up these activities with the -an CVC reader included in the packet.  At the end of the day one of those little ducklings said "Hey, Mrs. Riddle, I'm actually reading!!!"  I just love those Kinder kids!